Braids & Stripes

Classic is a white cotton tee wrapped in navy blue stripes. This nautical print has spanned decades with its shape evolving over time.

I scooped up an oversized striped tee from Gap today. With its sale price and an additional 30% off, it rung it at under $10. Oversized usually isn’t my thing (nor are horizontal lines), but paired with short shorts or skinny jeans and dainty flats the proportions work.

I’m excited to wear this for autumn. Since I’m in LA, it may work well through winter into spring; that means no packing it away.

Enjoy your Sunday! I will be spending mine reading Lunch in Paris, writing, listening to the Psychedelic Furs, working and watching Weeds.

19 responses to “Braids & Stripes

  1. Love this top – I want one myself!

    Miss B xx

  2. Without a doubt I always fall for striped breton tops, I currently own at least 4 (with many more to be purchased this winter!) It looks lovely with your auburn hair.

    Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Robbie xox

  3. Hi Erin, thank you for participating in Coco+Kelley’s Custom Art by Erica Eriksdotter giveaway and for your lovely comment!

  4. I love your entire look! Gap is my go-to for cute, inexpensive tops. 🙂

    • Angie, there you are! I thought you hadn’t updated your site in a while, but clearly I’m wrong… (going to take a look)… Yes, I don’t like Gap for much – their bottoms never fit – but I like scooping up some of the basics for cheap.

  5. Love the braids – you should definitely do it more often. And DO NOT color your hair – You are one of the very few people that have beautiful natural hair color!

  6. LOVE stripes. seriously.

  7. I’ve always been a sucker for navy and white stripes. And braids? Love them, too!

    PS – Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark via comment. It’s stuff like that that makes my day!

  8. I love the shirt, I actually just bought a black and white striped one when I went shopping at H&M in Seattle! I never get to go to H&M!!
    I love the braids!


  9. Love your hair, so cute! & I love the top. Striped tops are one of my must-have items for fall!

  10. People always assume stripes make you look fat, but I think quite the opposite! I love your hair, if only that hue looked good with my skin tone!

    • When done right, stripes are great! And thank you – I’m always wanting to color my hair, but I just can’t get myself to pay the salon fees.

  11. Ok, my hair NEVER looks that perfect whenever it’s in a braid. Such a good look.

  12. I feel like I have trouble pulling off the horizontal stripes, but I really like the look! Love the braid… It makes me too sad that my hair is too short to braid right now!

  13. Your hair looks very beautiful braided. Is your hair color natural?

    • Thank you! I don’t braid it often, but yesterday it seemed like fun. It is. I grew up blond, but slowly the color has shifted towards strawberry. I hope your Sunday’s going well!

  14. The top is adorable, as is your french braid! You have beautiful hair!

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