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To Further Boycott Victoria’s Secret…

Prepared for an unglamorous post?

Like many women, I do not wear pretty undergarments all the time. For normal days I have looked to Victoria’s Secret’s array of basic cotton underwear. For some time their panties were priced 5/$20. In fact, in junior high, with our limited allowances, my best friend and I would buy five pieces and split them rather than pay $7.50 a piece. Years later the price rose to 5/$25 and I didn’t mind.

But now I look elsewhere for the basics. For the first time in years I purchased packaged underwear from a mass retailer. Unglamorous, maybe, but 25/$25 sounds much better than 5/$25.

Be frugal with the basics,




Flowers Chic and Cheap

I’m not one to splurge on flowers, but stylist Carlos Mota’s book Flowers Chic and Cheap convinced me that having fresh flowers around the apartment does not have to break the bank. His book emphasizes treasure hunting, using minimal stems to create maximum effect, and combining ordinary things like books and teapots to make extraordinary arrangements.

Giddy from inspiration, I made a rare floral purchase at a recent farmers market. I brought home a $5 bouquet of mixed flowers to see what I could create. Its contents were deceiving! With minimal investment and effort I was able to add color and volume to nearly every area of our apartment. The results? See for yourself! Everything pictured below came from the above $5 bouquet.

Don’t be afraid to create!

In with Gilligan & O’Malley, out with Victoria’s Secret

I have long been a Victoria’s Secret devotee. But as the retail price of a functional bra at the mega retailer approaches $50, I find myself searching elsewhere for intimate apparel.

Days ago I purchased three bras, all on clearance, by the Target brand Gilligan & O’Malley. I am so thrilled by the fit of all three and am especially delighted by the leopard print bra pictured below (see a push-up in a similar print here for under $13). So due to my newfound appreciation of budget-worthy bras, I’m very close to swearing off Victoria’s Secret and their overpriced products for good.

Where do you purchase your more functional undergarments?

Affordable Comfort is Possible!

Gilligan & O’Malley Leopard Print Strapless Bra, $6.48.

Braids & Stripes

Classic is a white cotton tee wrapped in navy blue stripes. This nautical print has spanned decades with its shape evolving over time.

I scooped up an oversized striped tee from Gap today. With its sale price and an additional 30% off, it rung it at under $10. Oversized usually isn’t my thing (nor are horizontal lines), but paired with short shorts or skinny jeans and dainty flats the proportions work.

I’m excited to wear this for autumn. Since I’m in LA, it may work well through winter into spring; that means no packing it away.

Enjoy your Sunday! I will be spending mine reading Lunch in Paris, writing, listening to the Psychedelic Furs, working and watching Weeds.

It’s Still Summer…

Though dreamy crisp-weather fashion staples like tall boots, deliciously thick scarves and chic one-button blazers are ready to take center stage in my closet, the calendar still reads August. I continue to hunt for seasonal bargains and this $5 secondhand J. Crew skirt from their ’09 holiday collection caught my eye. Since I will not be wearing tights any time soon, I am opting to wear it during the warmer months.

I don’t normally tuck blouses into skirts without layering with a blazer, but this morning’s skirt accompaniment called for a tiny camisole, tall heels and one voluminous detail. It’s still summer, after all…

J. Crew skirt, $5, secondhand; Gap accent scarf, $10, clearance; Generic shaper camisole; ABS by Allen Schwartz chunky heels, $29, TJ Maxx clearance.

A Healthy Dose of Pond’s

I have extremely dry skin, so over the years I have tested countless lotions and creams and spent x amount of dollars in an attempt to find that perfect product. But all the creams were too thin; I would slather on a night cream and wake up with parched skin.

I purchased Pond’s Cold Cream a few days ago after reading rave review after rave review. It’s not often that I can recommend beauty products, as I am rarely 100% satisfied with what I purchase. However, I am absolutely confident when I say this is the best facial cream I have used! It’s thick and moisturizing to no end. I apply a fair amount to a freshly washed face and spend the rest of the day with glowing skin. I guess this is what you would call a budget miracle cream, and it’s available at your nearest drugstore for around $8.

Larchmont Wine & Cheese: Never Underestimate the Joy of Your Own Kitchen

As this gorgeous Saturday comes to a close, I am reminded of what a nice morning and afternoon I had. To me, the perfect Saturday entails some good food and definitely some fabulous weather.

My fiancé and I set out for Larchmont Village, an area I’ve raved about previously on penny. It’s near our apartment, and is by far my favorite area in Los Angeles. For the price of two Starbucks beverages ($6), we made the mandatory shop rounds and soaked up the sun. And, I excitedly discovered a great stationery store, Landis Gifts and Stationery. Though I will have to stick to the “thank you” cards I find in the $1 bins at Michaels, I will forever desire pretty printed envelopes and bright, shiny pens.

We picked up lunch for under $10 at Larchmont Wine & Cheese. Due to the normal packed Saturday outdoor seating, we happily brought lunch to our apartment. I swept aside the sheer curtains, opened the windows, and set up shop. It was a delicious lunch at home – well worth a little splurge. Never underestimate the joy of eating in your own kitchen, especially on a beautiful afternoon.

The delicious (and popular) Larchmont Wine & Cheese.

Though tempted to purchase the latest copy of InStyle magazine at the newsstand, I refrained when I realized I have nine magazine subscriptions (all of which have gone unread so far this month).

Gorgeous contrast, as seen from Larchmont Blvd.

An inviting kitchen.

The #2: Black forest ham, mozzarella cheese (swapped instead of Swiss), mixed greens, black olive tapenade, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Absolute heaven for $4.25.

Girl devours sandwich.