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Tucker for Target Trench

I was underwhelmed by previews of Tucker for Target’s collection. However, on a recent trip to Target I stumbled upon this trench. The color turned me off at first, but I couldn’t part with the jacket. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and the jacket was $41.98 after 30% off, so I made a rare over-$40 purchase.

I am loving this trench, as I’ve been wearing it every day. It suits the fall weather incredibly well, and the lining delights me. Plus, it’s a modern day piece with much-loved retro flare.

Splurge when a splurge is worth it,


In with Gilligan & O’Malley, out with Victoria’s Secret

I have long been a Victoria’s Secret devotee. But as the retail price of a functional bra at the mega retailer approaches $50, I find myself searching elsewhere for intimate apparel.

Days ago I purchased three bras, all on clearance, by the Target brand Gilligan & O’Malley. I am so thrilled by the fit of all three and am especially delighted by the leopard print bra pictured below (see a push-up in a similar print here for under $13). So due to my newfound appreciation of budget-worthy bras, I’m very close to swearing off Victoria’s Secret and their overpriced products for good.

Where do you purchase your more functional undergarments?

Affordable Comfort is Possible!

Gilligan & O’Malley Leopard Print Strapless Bra, $6.48.

Chains and Jewels

I do not purchase jewelry often so when I do I wear my new pieces to death.

Last week I found this Floral and Butterfly Necklace buried amongst the 75% off clearance jewelry at Target. I didn’t NEED it, but something kept me clinging to this piece. I bought it. After a few tweaks, like clipping off the baubles and string of pearls, it has become a necklace that better fits my style. It’s a little Anthropologie and a little J. Crew. And I’ve been wearing it every day.


Live simply yet fashionably,



Stepping out for a cool $19.99 – Exhilaration Tacey Ruffle Platform Sandals

I do not condone buying cheap shoes (though, designer shoes at a bargain price are a different story). Usually any shoe that is sold at Payless, retails for under $30, or consists of man made materials is out of the question. However, while browsing the always-inviting aisles of Target last week I stumbled upon a festive pair of platform sandals that I just had to try on. I can’t say if it was the bow detail, the comfort, the overall aesthetic of the sandal, or all of the above, but it was love at first step. I bought them immediately.

This morning I took them for a walk, perhaps even a trot… and definitely for a few twirls. New shoes are fun. They’re even more fun when they’re affordable.

Lady in Love – Target’s Merona Isabella Dress

The other day I was browsing the clearance racks at Target and was immediately drawn to the festive “Salmon Dome” color of this Merona Collection dress. Upon further inspection, I was officially smitten. I was charmed by the pleated trim detail, which was much softer and less overwhelming in person, and by the overall flattering, retro cut. This dress would be befitting for a variety of occasions, from an outdoor spring wedding to a summer garden party.

And the best news is that this dress was, at 75% off, a very wallet-friendly $9.99. Unfortunately, though, there were only a few dresses left, none of which were in my size. But maybe you will luck out! Skedaddle to Target, and scope out the clearance racks tucked away in the back. This dress is surely what the doctor ordered for spring, and at this price, it will not stay on the racks for long.


Pastels and other Joys of Easter

Easter is a wonderful excuse to celebrate easy-on-the-eye pastel colors. Blue, pink, green and lavender in light-as-air hues may be passé in 2010, but the colors still hold a special place in my heart.

Growing up in the Midwest, Easter was often the second gear on the way to spring in full bloom. Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets and visits with the Easter Bunny may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy soft-colored stationery, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and cards and gifts from my beloved family.

Gartner stationery in an array of pastel shades, $9.99 for 50 envelopes and cards; Target stores.

Scalloped edges in pink evoke feelings of joy.

Love, my parents.

Soft and delicious Creme Eggs, surely a staple treat of many an Easter basket.

Right on Target: Origami-Detail Tees

Lately I’m loving Target’s origami-inspired tees, under the Merona brand name. They are strikingly similar in idea to J. Crew’s (more) decorative tissue tees, but are available at a fraction of the cost. I love that an otherwise mundane tee is jazzed up by a hint of interesting, feminine detail. Mix with bold jewelry, skinny jeans and some heels for a surprising combination, or combine with shorts and flats for something more down to earth.

Target’s Merona brand has recently stepped up its game; this past season they rolled out a selection of extremely wearable tees, blouses and dresses, all in a refreshing array of Spring-appropriate colors.

(Colors, from left: Arpeggio Purple, Crystal Waters, Georgia Peach, Quill Gray; all Merona Artist Tops, $14.99,