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E.L.F. Blush Brush

One thing I’ve learned from Allure magazine is that nice (read: expensive) cosmetic brushes are a makeup must. But apparently it’s time to reeducate myself.

For $1 at Target I scooped up e.l.f.’s Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush. It works many more miracles than the Cover Girl complete face brush I’ve been using for years. The bristles are soft and the coverage is very good. I also recently purchased e.l.f.’s $1 Eyeshadow Brush, which is a massive improvement over the applicators that are packaged with some eyeshadows. If you’re in the market for brushes, I recommend trying e.l.f.’s line (and they’d make great gifts, too).

Tip: Remember to clean your brushes! Shampoo and water does the trick.

Strive for inexpensive quality!




The $1 Gold Standard

Until I convince myself to splurge on fabulous stationery, Michaels is my go-to for affordable cards and envelope seals. I’m always delighted by their new batches of stationery in the $1 bins. This past weekend I found my favorite of their offerings yet: single gold lettering on, for Michaels, sturdy cardstock and matching gold initial envelope seals. For $2 I’ve got a nice little personalized collection, and in my new favorite color to boot.

Have an enjoyable night!                                                                               Erin

Fabulous $0.99 Nail Polish? Count me in.

Several months ago a girlfriend and I were discussing quality bargain nail polish. We discovered a shared love of Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color. It doesn’t chip, it’s available in an array of vibrant shades, and the polish dries quite promptly.

There’s nothing like über affordable nail polish to shake up a beauty routine! The other day I scooped up a couple of new shades: a pinkish-coral polish, Blazed, and a silver glittery polish aptly named Kaleidoscope. At $0.99 a pop, each is a guilt-free indulgence.

Shades to try next include Casting Call, a pretty peach, and Metallica, a moody gray.

What $1 Can Buy: Rhinestone Nail Jewelry

Wouldn’t it be fun to feature dollar store finds every so often? I am always amazed by the veritable plethora of cool items at the Dollar Tree or similar stores. I purposely go by myself so that I may leisurely meander down each aisle. From energy shots to hardcover books, coupon organizers to nail jewelry, there are deals galore in these stores.

My latest pick-up is Rhinestone Nail Jewelry. Not usually my scene, but I’m finding fun uses for these sparkly stars. On a bare nail, one is not overkill – it’s actually kind of fun. But these little guys are versatile, too. One minute they’re nail jewelry, the next they’re excellent embellishments for stationery or great accompaniments to makeup (please excuse my makeup-less face below).

Additional uses include body jewelry, scrapbooking and picture frame embellishment, and wall décor.

Rhinestone Nail Jewelry is currently available at 99¢ Only Stores.