To Further Boycott Victoria’s Secret…

Prepared for an unglamorous post?

Like many women, I do not wear pretty undergarments all the time. For normal days I have looked to Victoria’s Secret’s array of basic cotton underwear. For some time their panties were priced 5/$20. In fact, in junior high, with our limited allowances, my best friend and I would buy five pieces and split them rather than pay $7.50 a piece. Years later the price rose to 5/$25 and I didn’t mind.

But now I look elsewhere for the basics. For the first time in years I purchased packaged underwear from a mass retailer. Unglamorous, maybe, but 25/$25 sounds much better than 5/$25.

Be frugal with the basics,




13 responses to “To Further Boycott Victoria’s Secret…

  1. Oh, unglamorous, FTW! My those look comfy! Where did you get them? They look so muchy cozier than those bright pink thongs splashed with the Pink logo!

  2. you are soo right!! there is no point in spending soo much when you can get equally quality under garments for much cheaper.

  3. you are absolutely right, no need to spend on something that is available else where, the name doens’t mean better quality!

    D E G A I N E

  4. glad to hear others do the same! i can’t afford the crazy prices for the “prettier” underwear .. so i buy like that as well

    although i have to say, i was in la senza the other day, was not fond of all the underwear with lips and cheezy slogans on the bum! i don’t even think i liked that when i was younger. i’d take the packaged panties any day! haha

  5. where I live I only have Women’s Secret and I use to buy ‘my basics’: there, a pack of 4: 12,95 €

  6. Austin used to work at the on campus post office and so he would get a TON of free panty coupons and pass them on to me. I have received so many free undies thanks to him 🙂 But now that he doesn’t work there…this is a good tip!

  7. This is actually one of the few areas of life I really scrimp on. I usually buy underwear in bulk once a year. Welcome to the club! 😛

  8. I used to do the same thing. There is no way I’m spending that much money on basic underwear, I must admit the VS ones last FOREVER but there are still plenty of similar quality undergarments for much cheaper.

    I love how cute you made your underwear look! haha

  9. Love them too! I purchased some one day while in Target and have used them since!

  10. In desperate need for underwear while living in suburban Milwaukee I randomly bought a package of Hanes and have stuck with them since.

  11. all my underwear is now from VS – for free b/c i use their free panty coupons every month!!!

  12. Okay, spill the beans…what kind are they are where did you get them?

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