Tucker for Target Trench

I was underwhelmed by previews of Tucker for Target’s collection. However, on a recent trip to Target I stumbled upon this trench. The color turned me off at first, but I couldn’t part with the jacket. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and the jacket was $41.98 after 30% off, so I made a rare over-$40 purchase.

I am loving this trench, as I’ve been wearing it every day. It suits the fall weather incredibly well, and the lining delights me. Plus, it’s a modern day piece with much-loved retro flare.

Splurge when a splurge is worth it,


6 responses to “Tucker for Target Trench

  1. I love this jacket and the way it is styled in the photo with all the layers. And the inside lining is adorable. I may have to try it on on my next trip to Target.

  2. Beautiful trench and a great buy. The lining is so cute and unexpected.

  3. A good splurge indeed. I like the way you shop!!

  4. Pretty lining! A jacket always produces considerable more warm fuzzies when equipped with pretty lining 🙂

  5. Whoa. I am so glad you got this. I love the floral on the inside. I want it.

  6. cuuuute! i need a new fall jacket. i rarely buy anything over $40 at target either, but i may have to make an exception.

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