Flowers Chic and Cheap

I’m not one to splurge on flowers, but stylist Carlos Mota’s book Flowers Chic and Cheap convinced me that having fresh flowers around the apartment does not have to break the bank. His book emphasizes treasure hunting, using minimal stems to create maximum effect, and combining ordinary things like books and teapots to make extraordinary arrangements.

Giddy from inspiration, I made a rare floral purchase at a recent farmers market. I brought home a $5 bouquet of mixed flowers to see what I could create. Its contents were deceiving! With minimal investment and effort I was able to add color and volume to nearly every area of our apartment. The results? See for yourself! Everything pictured below came from the above $5 bouquet.

Don’t be afraid to create!


13 responses to “Flowers Chic and Cheap

  1. Just beautiful…

    My lovely father has been very busy with work and feeling low, and this post has completely inspired me to buy him a cheering bouquet of flowers today.

    Thanks, Erin – from both me and my Pa! :0)

    Sarah x

  2. Great pics! Very inspiring, well done!

  3. I LOVE THIS idea!!!! Oh my goodness the flowers in the teapot are so adorable.

  4. love your collection of flower photos!!! Great blog with great photos!! Feel free to drop by blog if you like:D


  5. Excellent, excellent post Erin!! Looks great. Having flowers around the house makes a difference. I didn’t think of dispersing them around like this though, I usually just keep them all together. Love this idea. If only my cat doesn’t try to eat every bouquet I bring home :/

  6. I always think buying flowers is a waste of my money even though I do enjoy flowers! It’s a great idea to split up the bouquet in several locations rather than putting them all into one vase. Great inspiration!

  7. californiacandy

    So creative, I feel inspired! Love your blog… Thanks for the sweet comment!

  8. OMG yes awesome!! I never thought of spreading a bouquet all over the house! I love this!

  9. Love this post Erin, very creative ideas. Hard to believe you were able to do so much with that one bouquet. Looks great!

  10. these are great pictures and great colours 🙂 and always makes me want to buy flowers 😛

  11. This is a really great idea. I am definitely one for buying massive bouquets (usually of the one flower) and displaying them together, I might have to try this next!

  12. in a teapot? genius!

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