In with Gilligan & O’Malley, out with Victoria’s Secret

I have long been a Victoria’s Secret devotee. But as the retail price of a functional bra at the mega retailer approaches $50, I find myself searching elsewhere for intimate apparel.

Days ago I purchased three bras, all on clearance, by the Target brand Gilligan & O’Malley. I am so thrilled by the fit of all three and am especially delighted by the leopard print bra pictured below (see a push-up in a similar print here for under $13). So due to my newfound appreciation of budget-worthy bras, I’m very close to swearing off Victoria’s Secret and their overpriced products for good.

Where do you purchase your more functional undergarments?

Affordable Comfort is Possible!

Gilligan & O’Malley Leopard Print Strapless Bra, $6.48.


17 responses to “In with Gilligan & O’Malley, out with Victoria’s Secret

  1. G and O’m have a great brand and you can find some things that are very good quality and in my size that are cute and COMFY…but there is no way they compare to VS. The quality of bra (I’m talking the day to day wear not the fancy stuff) can’t be beat by anyone…and the fact that you can return anything your not happy with is amazing. VS is a high quality brand that backs up thier product I just wish they would stop raising thier prices because of high theft rates.

    • Kim, comfort is key for me. And my G&O bras have held up wonderfully! No complaints. For my particular size G&O fits me to a T, whereas I’m between sizes at VS.

  2. I’m with you on forgoing Victoria’s Secret. They used to be the only place I shopped for such things, but the last few times I visited they kept trying to sell me larger bra sizes than I wear. I’m fed up with vanity sizing in general — and it certainly is unwelcome in intimate apparel! In Chicago I had luck at H&M, but now that I live in central Illinois, I’ll check out Target.

  3. When I was in college and didn’t have bills, and rent I would spend outrageous amounts of money during VS semi annual sale. My sister got me a GILLIGAN & O’MALLEY bra as part of a birthday gift and I seriously think I have been wearing it for 3 years. They have great quality bras, and that’s all I buy. This one is so cute!

  4. I also love Gap bras, and there are always great clearance sales for them!

  5. Love the leopard bra! VS is very overpriced. Although I have two bras from there–you better bet I used as many coupons on them as possible and got them two for one. But Target is awesome for all things-love that store!

    • Overpriced indeed! I used to shop their semi-annual sales, but the good styles are all picked over and my size is one of the most popular ones… so really, there’s no use in fighting the crowds and digging through the bins.

  6. I love Target! The bras are great and they actually last. I am usually able to get them on sale. I am done with Victoria’s Secret because of their prices and the bras are not that good to begin with.

  7. Love all things Target! The last few bras I have bought are from there… along with work clothes, bedding etc. Big brands like VS are great, but I like 5 for the price of one!
    Cheers! 🙂
    PS… your blog is really fantastic, it’s about time someone was practical!

    • Target has definitely come a long ways in the past ten years. I don’t buy any of their apparel full price, BUT I do often scour their 75% clearance racks!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I see you’re in San Francisco… LUCKY. ❤


  9. The only time I buy from VS is when they have the pink bras for breast cancer. They are over hyped and over priced.

  10. i’m done with victoria and her secrets as well. the best bras i’ve gotten are all from GAP – i love target!

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