Chains and Jewels

I do not purchase jewelry often so when I do I wear my new pieces to death.

Last week I found this Floral and Butterfly Necklace buried amongst the 75% off clearance jewelry at Target. I didn’t NEED it, but something kept me clinging to this piece. I bought it. After a few tweaks, like clipping off the baubles and string of pearls, it has become a necklace that better fits my style. It’s a little Anthropologie and a little J. Crew. And I’ve been wearing it every day.


Live simply yet fashionably,



6 responses to “Chains and Jewels

  1. I love busy necklaces. My how lazy we have become with our blogs! I guess summer is more accommodating to blogging…

  2. I love this necklace – and I really love that you cut some pieces off to make it more you :). The photo of it hanging on the doorknob is beautiful. I’d like to frame it!

    • Thank you, Sasha! My inspiration was Anthropologie… I love how their items are photographed… all are frame-worthy – in fact, I have some photos from their catalogs in our bedroom! ❤

  3. I find that I don’t buy jewelry often either because I don’t want to spend loads of money and the ones that I buy cheaply break…because I wear them out! I love your necklace find! Very fun!

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