Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

These decadent chocolate-dipped treats can be so expensive at sweet shops and bakeries. But surprise – they are actually very affordable to make. A batch of about twenty chocolate-dipped strawberries comes in at around a whopping $4.50 (accounting for only chocolate used); that’s about the price of two pieces at a specialty shop.

I prepared a batch for dinner with friends last night and they were an instant hit. They’re easy to assemble, affordable, require only three ingredients and look so pretty (though I need to perfect my drizzling technique).


Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries (makes approx. 20)


  • 3/4      cup semi-sweet (or milk) chocolate chips
  • 1/4      cup white chocolate chips
  • 1          lb. fresh strawberries, washed and dried

1. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low or a simmer.


2. Set the semi-sweet chocolate chips, placed either in a heatproof bowl or a smaller pan, above the simmering water. Allow the chocolate to melt (about 5 minutes).

3. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper (I used tin foil).

4. Holding a strawberry by the stem, twist into the chocolate until it is covered. Set on paper/pan. Repeat.

5. Melt the white chocolate. With a fork drizzle the chocolate on the strawberries.

6. Allow 30 minutes for the chocolate to set. Place pan in the refrigerator.

Just a couple pointers/notes: I have only the supplies to melt one chocolate at a time, and this is reflected in the recipe above. Too, after washing and drying the strawberries I recommend placing them in the freezer for a couple of minutes to harden before dipping in chocolate. Lastly, you can eye the proportions and be perfectly fine.


9 responses to “Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

  1. Miam!! Looks very good! Sadly, strawberries are out of season here.

  2. So delicious, and so good to look at too!

  3. I need friends like you who will present such treats to me at gatherings lol

  4. gorgeous! i wish there were room in my freezer 🙂

  5. I must concur…They were delicious! We were so happy to have you both over and we must do it again…very soon!

  6. YUM! I love making chocolate covered strawberries. Yours turned out really pretty! Exciting to hear you get to travel to Iowa. I have some relatives there! And I just might post some wedding gown/wedding ideas. I just don’t want to give too much away 😉 But I’m definitely getting excited about all of the fun details I’m working on.

    • Where in Iowa do you have relatives?? GREAT! I am on the lookout for your wedding inspiration (I checked out your post today on your engagement photos outfits!). I’m glad you’re enjoying the wedding planning.. it’s quite the process, but it is indeed fun.

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