Being Wasteful is Unfashionable

I cringe when I see somebody break off a fresh paper towel, dry their hands, and proceed to toss the damp, clean cloth into the trash.

My husband recently told me of a family he read of that spends $1,000 a year on paper towels. You do the math.

I understand this isn’t a very fashionable post, but let’s all save some pennies and help the environment simultaneously. Reuse paper towels and napkins. If you use a paper product to dry your hands, hang it on a rack and let it dry for the next time; or even better, use a cotton hand towel.

2 responses to “Being Wasteful is Unfashionable

  1. You have a very good point my friend! And thanks for returning to the blogosphere. We both need to stop being such lazy arses lol

  2. 1,000 dollars! Cloth napkins and hand towels are such an obvious thing, it’s amazing that people still use paper towels but I grew up not using paper towels or napkins. My Mother use to sew designs/initials into each of our cloths napkins to make them “special” when we were little. Great blog post hopefully more people will switch out. 🙂

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