A Mishmash of China

After seeing LB’s “china” post, I was inspired to start my own mix-matched collection of China. There’s something so delightfully inspiring about a collection of vintage pieces. And at $0.99 to $1.99 a piece, it’s a hobby that I can afford.

Compiling the right assorted Chinaware and pieces is no easy feat, as it takes much searching to find the right plates, saucers, cups and bowls. My China assortment as of now is small, but I’ll get there.

Be Inspired,


6 responses to “A Mishmash of China

  1. Mismatched china is my favorite! Actually, anything mismatched is fabulous!
    I’ve started collecting random tea cups and sending them with a tea bag to friends/family around the world with a little note, “Wish we could be having tea together”. So fun!

  2. Another blog post update please! 😛

  3. I’m far too klutzy for such an endeavor, but tres cute!

  4. the eclectic collection of mixmatched items that you handpicked is what makes it uniquely yours! be sure to show us your growing collection~

  5. I love a mix of vintage dishes. Very lovely. ❤

  6. love this. i have given up on “matchy matchy” and have been scouring garage sales for an eclectic mix of plates/cups.

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