“Rain Supreme” – Vogue’s Steal of the Month

Kudos to Vogue US for featuring an affordable item, and a staple piece at that, in their October ’10 issue. The page below is a nice example of high-low dressing with an item that, I think, looks very similar whether purchased from Kmart for $30 or Barneys for $995.

(See more affordable trenches here.)

The trench is available on macys.com and as of 9/24/10 is on sale. And if $109 isn’t low enough for you, there’s another version at Dillard’s that’s priced at $99; the color is darker, which I prefer.

Live Simply and Enjoy Your Weekend!

4 responses to ““Rain Supreme” – Vogue’s Steal of the Month

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    i’ll definitely be asking you for anything wedding related. any good websites to get inspiration in terms of decoration?

  2. Very beautiful. They really do need to start featuring more deals and stop catering to .05% of their readers all the time.

  3. got my first trench a year ago and i live in it! so classic.

  4. oooohhhh wish i can wear trench coats here.

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