Kmart’s Black Sparkle & Details

Recall the backlash that ensued when Vogue placed Wal*Mart fashion ads on their pages, sandwiched between ads for Louis Vuitton and Prada?

In fashion magazines it is now commonplace to market whatever is fashionable, no matter the price point. I spied this Kmart ad for Jaclyn Smith’s 25th Anniversary Collection in my Vogue US October issue. I will admit: I’m a bit excited. The Design Director for the line states that the limited collection is “about everyday elegance. It’s about classic styling with a touch of fashion.” You can watch the video here.

Silver, black and white are dominant colors in the line. I am particularly attracted to the black pieces. From the blouse sprinkled in circles woven throughout like petals to the cardigan with sequin pockets, I am really enjoying the marvelous details. And the prices aren’t so bad, either. Will you be purchasing any of the pieces?

Live Simply!

Sleeveless Beaded Neck Dress, $39.99 *

Woven Circle Ruffles Blouse, $29.99 * ;V-Neck Sweater with Sequin Pocket, $34.99 *

6 responses to “Kmart’s Black Sparkle & Details

  1. these clothes look so fab! cant beleive they are from kmart

  2. Aw…thanks, all! We’re loving the Collection too. The Silk Applique-Circle Top is one of my favs too!!

    Did you know you can learn more about Jaclyn’s designs and her inspiration at

  3. That ruffles blouse is adorable. Our KMart rarely has any nice pieces over here 😦

  4. Love the ruffles blouse! So cute. I like the cardigan a lot, too! I’d prefer it 1-2 sizes too big with some skinnies.

  5. The Ruffles blouse looks interesting. I can’t see myself buying clothes at Walmart, but who knows. There’s a first for everything!

  6. woah, i can’t believe it! i remember being thoroughly embarrassed by the big K. that ruffles blouse is seriously cute!

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