Cheap Thrills: Allure’s Round-Up of the best beauty buys

I’m always delighted when I happen upon a magazine article geared towards the frugal gal.

In their October issue, Allure magazine rounded up the most affordable winners of their annual Best of Beauty awards. New on my shopping list is the Aquaphor Healing Ointment. And I agree that Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream is a big, big winner; I’ve never used a hand lotion so silky-smooth. But the other products I have not tried. Have you?

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13 responses to “Cheap Thrills: Allure’s Round-Up of the best beauty buys

  1. See this is what I like about certain blogs and magazines. Sure, it’s nice to see what all is out there, but I am not spending $50 on some hair serum when my $5 bottle from the drugstore makes my hair feel like silk. I’m all about investing in good makeup and beauty products if I know the item will last me a good year and after I felt like I’ve wasted my money on cheap stuff that never got the job done {for example, I buy MAC’s fluidline eyeliner for like $14 but it lasts me a year and it stays on ALL DAY}

    So it’s refreshing to see magazines and blogs feature things that the average person can buy.

  2. I’m with you on the Neutrogena hand cream! I’ve used it for years and nothing else I have tried compares.

  3. So I’ve been using the Pond’s cream and I love it! Although I’ve developed a new problem….itchy skin 😦 VERY itchy. It started before the Pond’s cream though. I think maybe my skin is going through withdrawals from going off my skin, hair, and nails growth pills. Have you ever had an itchy skin problem? It’s frustrating scratching my face like I’m a man with a beard grrr

    • Hahaha – your post made me laugh, Tracey (when I know it shouldn’t – itchy skin is a no-good problem). I’m glad you love the cream! But I’m sorry it’s not taking care of your itchy skin. I haven’t taken growth pills before, so I haven’t experienced that… by the sounds with it, though, if it’s a reaction it should go away with time.. right?

      • I suppose. I’ve gone back on the pills and the itchiness is reducing but not all gone. I think perhaps it is the placebo effect and I am just convincing myself I’m cured when really I’m still screwed…we’ll see lol 😦

  4. I’ve seen plenty of these but have used hardly any of them. I tend to stick to the same products because it pains to spend money and have a new product not really work for me. I do love the Sally Hansen instra-dry nail polish, though. I have several. Lots of pretty colors to choose from.

    • I know what you mean – it’s tough to deter from what you know works. And I agree that Sally Hansen is good – I’ve always had good experiences with their polish.

  5. I’ve tried so many of these! Almost all actually.
    The Dial body wash- pros it cleans and smells good. The cons-those little beads having coloring in them and I bought the pink one, I don’t remember what it was called but when they burst they leave little marks of color on my loofah and my shower walls (I don’t have tile though) and if you’re not quick it’ll stain it for good. I love the new suave body washes they modeled the scent after bath and body works.
    Suave shampoos and conditioners are great. I have fine hair and they don’t leave it heavy or weighed down and smells great!
    The wet and wild eyeliners don’t joke they are VERY smudgeable to the point of being a problem.
    The acne concealer stick burned my pimples (To be fair I have sensitive pale skin) and melts in my make up bag.
    Burts Bees is a must buy for me and Aquaphor is okay but I wouldn’t use it for any of the reasons given, for one it taste nasty so the lips are a no go and if you’re using Neutrogena hand cream then you don’t need for nails or hands, on hair? I wouldn’t. Suave anti-frizz or the Garnier spray is better and add sheen to my eyes? I wouldn’t put that product near my eyes.
    ELF – A++ and Revlon lip stain ( definitely an upgrade from the original one) is awesome stuff. I seriously could go on. I’ve tried almost all but my comment is turning into a blog post on it’s own! LOL

    Sorry for the long post. I didn’t mean to make it an essay.

    • No, I love your feedback! And I especially appreciate your comments on Suave. I, too, have fine hair and use the cheapest stuff out there (something other than Suave). I should give Suave a chance – that’s an area I’m always willing to experiment with. I agree, Burt’s Bees is great – I haven’t tried the lip stuff, but I think their cuticle cream is fabulous.

  6. I too love Norwegian Formula hand cream and the Jergens Self Tanner(It’s one of the best self tanners out there…even on the professional side!)

    And E.L.F. ( is definitely my top secret goto especially to stock up on random things like lip glosses and eye shadows. The Candy Shop lip gloss tins are my fav! Nearly everything is $1 – that’s a tough price to beat!

    • I remember trying the Jergens when it came out, and even then it was very, very good (I no longer use self tanner). And yes, I’ve heard good things about E.L.F. – I just wish there was a place I could purchase it other than online. Their site says their items are sold at Target and Kmart to name a few, but the only time I’ve seen them are in the holiday packs at Target. Thanks for stopping by, Kim. 😉

  7. thank you lovely!!!! they’re my latest addiction!!!! I just finished one right now haha! 🙂

    – Maria

  8. i’ve always loved these sections! glad to see some of my go-to’s there!

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