Live Simply: An Ill-Stocked Fridge (tip no. 1)

Due to the slew of recent real-life “live with less” stories, I’m in the process of whittling down what I purchase and own. I like to think of it as simplifying my life. This means scrupulously monitoring what groceries I buy, purchasing only clothing I know I’ll wear, and ridding my arsenal of beauty products and makeup until I have only the essentials.

The first in my simplification project is the refrigerator. My husband and I eat plenty of cereal, pasta and fresh produce, and freeze many of our fruits. Too, we don’t dine out often. This makes it easy to keep our refrigerator free of excess leftovers, takeout and soda bottles. I will strive to have only the essentials: eggs, milk, butter, chocolate, tomato sauce, condiments, and fresh produce which I will purchase only every couple of days. Nothing makes me happier than the sight of a clean, near-empty fridge.

Live simply!                                                                                                 Erin

12 responses to “Live Simply: An Ill-Stocked Fridge (tip no. 1)

  1. I lol at essentials and chocolate in the same sentence.

  2. That’s funny because nothing makes me happier than the sight of a fully stocked fridge! LOL Erin you and I are total opposites I fear lol You’re teaching me how to be more practical though, which I need!!

  3. I admire your dedication to simplicity and living more cheaply, I am not good when it comes to control and motivation!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I didn’t actually edit my photos, although I usuallydo but at the moment I don’t have photoshop. Instead I adjusted the lighting on the manual mode of my camera.
    Robbie xox

  4. OMG! I really wish my fridge looked like this! You guys are doing awesome. I always say we are not going to eat out, then we always end up eating out! LOL

  5. haha – chocolate certainly is one of the essentials!!

  6. Dont kill me, but an empty fridge depresses me a little.What can I say, I’m a chef!

    • That’s understandable! I suppose I try to eat/cook the French way… a small serving, and only picking up from the market what I need for the day. (P.S. You caught me before a shopping trip.)

  7. I LOVE that you list chocolate as one of the essentials ;). You should add wine to that list, too! My boyfriend really likes to have an empty-looking fridge as well..I’m trying to jump on the bandwagon!

  8. i am always looking to simplify. i get so overwhelmed!

  9. I love it! My sister and I do the same (we try to at least.) My new thing is trying to wear every single top in my closet to work over the next few months. Once I get through every one, I will be allowed to shop again. It’s like a bootleg shopping ban I put myself on.

    • Oh, that’s a great idea! Plus, a bit of a challenge is a bit fun. 🙂 Why can’t we do the same with clothing that we do with food? It’s the same as buying new groceries once you’ve eaten what you already have.

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