The $1 Gold Standard

Until I convince myself to splurge on fabulous stationery, Michaels is my go-to for affordable cards and envelope seals. I’m always delighted by their new batches of stationery in the $1 bins. This past weekend I found my favorite of their offerings yet: single gold lettering on, for Michaels, sturdy cardstock and matching gold initial envelope seals. For $2 I’ve got a nice little personalized collection, and in my new favorite color to boot.

Have an enjoyable night!                                                                               Erin

10 responses to “The $1 Gold Standard

  1. I love Michael’s! I get stuff from their $1 bin all the time, particularly notecards. 🙂

  2. Oh I love Michael’s I went there all the time with my Mother. Those envelopes and stickers look so nice and how great that you even found them with an E!

  3. Love pretty stationary, adds such a nice touch to every letter!

    P.S. You NEED to indulge in a candy apple asap, they are sooo good!!! 🙂

    d e g a i n e

  4. These look great! I can’t believe they’re so cheap. I want to buy some and send them to everyone I know in Ohio haha 🙂

  5. such great find – the stationary is gorgeous

  6. I buy these same notecards!!! They really are so elegant (yet cheap)

  7. love michael’s! so glad i finally live in a city that has easy access to them!

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