Summer: One Last Hoorah

With the assortment of end-of-summer blog posts I’ve read recently, I couldn’t help but make my contribution.

My way of holding onto these last few weeks of summer bliss has been by stocking up on and freezing assorted melons like cantaloupe and watermelon. I purchased a melon baller for under $3 at Target last weekend and have been balling my fruits into bite-size pieces and immediately freezing.

Also marking the end of summer is a good friend’s visit from Chicago. These lingering LA summer days have found us brunching with certificates, catching discounted movies before noon and thrifting. It’s been a vacation for us both in true frugal fashion.

I will return Tuesday after my friend’s LAX departure with photos. By then Labor Day Weekend will have passed, an unofficial mark of summer’s end.

4 responses to “Summer: One Last Hoorah

  1. Your frugal ways always put me to shame *face palm*.

  2. YUMMY! That’s making my mouth water just by looking at it…
    I keep forgetting to try this as I saw it in Parents magazine awhile bag…they’d scooped melon balls, froze them, then served them atop cake cones and touted them as “healthy frozen treats for your kids”. Somehow I think my tot would be HIGHLY disappointed to find out that yummy thing that looks like sorbet ice cream really isn’t….but as frozen melon balls, it sounds just perfect! (Even with a drizzle of honey +mint leaves?? Yum!)
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  3. am always craving for fruits. can’t get enough of them. And btw i love your animal print post. That’s something i need to learn in my wardrobe.

    have an amazing monday.

  4. i’ve been wanting a melon baller lately! maybe i should get one too 🙂 happy end of summer!

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