The Animal Print Plunge, Pt. 1: Shoes & Accessories

Recently I have been adamant about stocking up on basics with an animal twist. I’m not sure how or when my recent obsession was sparked, but I am in love. I am organic when it comes to animal prints, which means leopard, cheetah and zebra in black, brown, gray and white.

A small dose of animal print goes a long way. It’s certainly not for everybody, but it can be for most. If you’re worried about taking the animal print plunge, ensure fashion safety by following these rules:

  1. Limit your ensemble to one animal print piece.
  2. Accessorize with animal prints; if opting for apparel, ensure the piece is classic and simple in design.
  3. Avoid bright hues of pink, blue, etc.

Below are my current favorites; I would personally wear all of them. Fortunately there are a plethora of affordable animal print options this season: scarves for $10, flats for $30, etc. Talk about a goldmine of attainable pieces!

My Picks: The Finishing Touches

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Leather Stretch Belt, $38 * ; Route 66 Animal Print Oblong Scarf, $9.99 * ; Satin Animal Print Headband, $3.80 *.

My Picks: The Bags & Clutches

Gia Milani Animal Print Tote, $34.99 * ; Metallic Exotic Animal Wallet, $7.50 * ; Melie Bianco Leopard Clutch, $39.99 * ; Treviso Animal Design Zip Top Tote, $9.99 (clearance) *.

My Picks: The Footwear

Nine West ‘Studit’ Platform Pump, $89.95 * ; Leopard Rain Boots, $24.99 * ; AE Leopard Ballet Flat, $29.95 *. Cheetah print banner from istockphoto.


15 responses to “The Animal Print Plunge, Pt. 1: Shoes & Accessories

  1. I love animal print accents as well. I actually own a pair of flats very similar to those and wear them all the time, even to work. Great picks!

  2. I looove animal print! A few years ago I scored an amazing pair of leopard print Guess by Marciano on clearance for $19.99 and they’ve always been one of my fave pairs of shoes. Perfect with skinny jeans & a white button up or a LBD!

  3. I love how just one animal print accessory in an otherwise plain outfit can give the entire thing life! I love the flats. I intend to bring mine back out this fall!

    • The flats really are great – I wear my AE ones all the time. They’re so comfy. Now I just need to purchase a pair of black skinny pants to pair them with… πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I like animal patters, but only in natural, subtle ways. I just don’t understand the appeal of hot pink zebra stripes… Personally, I’ve never seen a pink zebra.

  5. I picked up a cute leopard bag @ TJ maxx recently. Looks great with an LBD or worn casually with a basic outfit! πŸ™‚

  6. I recently scored a $5 cheetah pashmina on sale. I love animal prints. I’ve been thinking about alligator pumps lately…dark purple or emerald green…I feel like this came in style a year or so ago? I swear trends linger on longer than ever now, just evolving as time progresses.

    • WOW, where did you get the pashmina? I loooove snake and reptile prints – I guess I simply do not categorize them with the schoolbook, if you will, animal prints. Dark purple alligator pumps sound dreamy. ❀

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