It’s Still Summer…

Though dreamy crisp-weather fashion staples like tall boots, deliciously thick scarves and chic one-button blazers are ready to take center stage in my closet, the calendar still reads August. I continue to hunt for seasonal bargains and this $5 secondhand J. Crew skirt from their ’09 holiday collection caught my eye. Since I will not be wearing tights any time soon, I am opting to wear it during the warmer months.

I don’t normally tuck blouses into skirts without layering with a blazer, but this morning’s skirt accompaniment called for a tiny camisole, tall heels and one voluminous detail. It’s still summer, after all…

J. Crew skirt, $5, secondhand; Gap accent scarf, $10, clearance; Generic shaper camisole; ABS by Allen Schwartz chunky heels, $29, TJ Maxx clearance.

4 responses to “It’s Still Summer…

  1. girl, you look hot! i love the way you shop – those shoes are fierce. i love the bargains.

  2. I am in love with that scarf!

    P.S. Can you dress me?

  3. OK, you have to take me to this second hand store!

  4. Oh how I wish it were still that warm here – a week ago I was overheating in NY, and now I’m snuggling inside in what appears to be a prematurely Autumnal UK. And you have seriously enviable legs by the way 😉

    Miss B xx

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