Paisley for a Day

I purchased this dress last October at a Target store in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I was, and always am, delighted by Target’s 75% off clearance racks; those racks bring such joy to my heart. Visiting the Midwest in fall fortunately means acquiring deeply discounted summer pieces that are, at that time, still wearable in warm Los Angeles.

Today was a classic LA day. This called for lunch outside in Larchmont Village, along with a hunt for some beauty loot. I spied dogs enjoying the shade, women in their lovely summer dresses andΒ  metallic sandals, and people eating outdoors wherever possible. Yes, this long effortless dress hit the right note today.

No, it’s not made of the finest material, and yes, I could definitely do without the ruffles on the bust! But for $6.24, how can one resist?


13 responses to “Paisley for a Day

  1. Girl, you are STUNNING!

  2. The dress looks quite lovely on you.
    One need not be a wealthy, nor in debt to be well coiffed, well dressed, nor well educated. All one needs is to be aware, and have a sense of self respect.

  3. The dress is beautiful… I wouldn’t have guessed it came from Target! (but isn’t that the beauty of Target?)

  4. Love the colors in this dress Erin, they really suit you. Great photo layout too! Oh, I like the ruffle :)!

  5. Oh my goodness…

    Thank you so, so much for commenting on my blog and – in turn – dancing my little feet to your own.

    I have fallen in love. Utterly and completely!

    You have created just the most beautiful space – with both your pictures and words (and enviably pretty face!).

    I will be sure to return very soon.

    Sarah x

  6. Love this dress! When I was home in Ohio in May I made my best friend buy it. It’s so cute & perfect for summer.. I happen to love the ruffle detailing on the bust πŸ™‚ Not for myself though, I don’t need anymore attention there! Love the photos as usual!

    • I agree, it is perfect for summer! And it has great movement, too – the purple lining is awesome. How you can buy a dress for $6 is beyond me. Thanks for dropping by – I’m eagerly awaiting a new blog post from you, missy!

  7. Great dress and very interesting book, it has been on my wishlist for quiet some time now.

  8. love it! beautiful pictures

  9. i’d know that beauty supply store just from the shelves! you were in my ‘hood today!!!

    i love your sense of style. i may need to pick your brain (or your closet) before i take some new editorial pix in the next few weeks….

    • I wouldn’t say that my style is traditional California… it’s pretty clean and simple… but believe me, if I had some $$$ I think my style would be much more evident. πŸ˜‰

      LOVE Larchmont! I don’t live too far from there. My husband and I drop by often… ❀

      Thanks for stopping by. πŸ˜‰

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