This Autumn, in the Trenches

Since spotting the $34.95 H&M trench in one of my many September issues, this fashion staple has topped my fall shopping list.

In fact, the best way to effortlessly jazz-up your fall ensemble is to throw on a trench. A crisp fall day calls for a classic piece, and the trench has long been a fashion mainstay. Though I’m sure we’d all love to have a Burberry coat, there are still so many wallet-friendly jackets on the racks for fall this season. They’re in a variety of colors, from khaki to army green to every pattern under the sun, and the ones below are this season’s most fashionable under $100. Now that’s what I call a good investment piece.

(Top: H&M Trench, $34.95. Clockwise from top left: Gap Classic Trench Coat, $88; DKNY Abby Zip Pocket Trench, $99.98; XOXO Leopard Ponte Coat, $89; Victoria’s Secret Belted Trenchcoat, $98.)


10 responses to “This Autumn, in the Trenches

  1. I have that H&M trench..or one identical to it! I got it last spring, and at first I was a little hesitant (I don’t know why) but I literally wore that thing to death! I say every girl must own a trench in tan or black. Classic, elegant and sexy!

  2. LOVE the top two trenches…

  3. Funny, these past days I’ve been debating about getting a new trench. My dilemna is splurging and getting one of the “cheaper” Burberry or getting a more budget friendly one. I’m still on the fence and weighing my options but the H&M’s must be really good because in my store there were almost none left.

    • Go for the H&M trench. Of course I would say that, right? But really, put your money towards something that you can’t buy a similar version of… to me, the truly unique pieces are most worth the splurge.

  4. I love the trench post! I actually got mine at Gap last year and I love it, but I just went to H&M and their trench is amazing esp for the price!
    I have enjoyed our west coast trip and definitely plan to return!!


  5. I want that H&M trench! Pretty much obsessed with H&M anyway (it’s one European store that I can find in Minneapolis…) and I cannot believe this costs under $40! I’ve been itching for a trench for a few seasons – I believe this is the year!

  6. I love the look of a trench, I haven been searching for the right one for a while now. Hopefully I can find something for fall!

  7. I hadn’t considered trenches yet for fall oddly enough. I’m actually craving a new poncho! That Gap trench wouldn’t be too bad either.

  8. oooh, the h&m one looks fab. i have one from Guess that I’ve had since high school and it never goes out of style!

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