Drew’s Designer Dichotomy

Last week Drew Barrymore hosted a Nylon/Express event sporting the classic high-low fashion mix: a thrifted dress (purchased for $25 at a store in Austin, Texas) and designer shoes ($760 Yves Saint Laurent Tributes). Kudos to Drew for successfully pulling off this careful balance. Didn’t she look marvelous?

Combining high and low fashion is an increasingly cool concept. In fact, these days it can be considered unhip to dress in head-to-toe designer. This is good news for me, being somebody who has owned perhaps only a single designer item: a pair of Chanel sunglasses. I do believe in a designer splurge as long as it’s an accessory; that way, you can sport it each and every day.

(source: Celebrity-Paradise.com)


3 responses to “Drew’s Designer Dichotomy

  1. She looks amazing. Her hair is flawless.

  2. cute blog! thanks for commenting on my blog and following on bloglovin, im following on yours on bloglovin now.

    Kat đŸ™‚

  3. I completely agree- I love a high/low mix. Head to toe designer is not only showy, but slightly unimaginative and flashy these days. It takes more effort and inspiration to make a cheap dress look amazing, but so much more fun when you do! I’m firmly of the belief that I can live in Topshop provided I have an expensive bag or shoes – those few polished/expensive pieces make all the difference.

    Miss B xx


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