Green Onion: A Forgettable Vegetable

I have spent so much time and space on fashion and my secondhand finds with this blog. But, more than ever, I have been keeping up with health and food blogs. Food is another area of the budget spectrum I consider in my daily life, and there’s no reason I shouldn’t cover it here.

This past week I’ve had green onions on my mind. Each stalk contains only 3 calories and has 10% and 9% of your daily value of Vitamins A and C, respectively. Too, .5 grams of fiber. And at under $1/bundle., it’s an oft ignored vegetable that deserves a second look.

Lately I have been sprinkling green onions in otherwise  nutrient-lacking dishes such as Rice-A-Roni and canned vegetables. Lunch today consisted of corn cooked with green onions and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

I purchased a fresh bundle of green onion this afternoon; I wonder what I can jazz up next…

5 responses to “Green Onion: A Forgettable Vegetable

  1. hey girlie!!
    loveee your jazzing with yummy little green onions…their texture is fun!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Interesting read. I just got back from the grocery store with a small bundle even!

  3. Green onions are awesome. They’re great with potatoes and sprinkled on top of homemade fried rice. Mmmmm….

  4. i love green onions!

  5. I’m OBSESSED with cilantro right now. I even chew it for a snack. Its scent is just so intoxicating lol

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