My Answer to Late Summer

I am completely smitten with a pair of used Guess heels that I scooped up last week.

The versatility of these nude shoes was the real clincher. They’re wearable during the day with a casual dress, at work with some trousers, or out at night with some skinny jeans. Plus, there’s something seductive about wearing a color so close to my skin tone (think: the “naked dress” from Sex and the City). These heels are not only fashionable, but comfortable, too.

I’m certain to get much wear out of these, and at $8 they were a true bargain.

9 responses to “My Answer to Late Summer

  1. You have fantastic legs. Seriously.

  2. SO happy to see that you’re back and blogging more!! The shoes are fab and for $8. What a deal!

    • You’re so sweet, Elizabeth – thanks for continually visiting. šŸ™‚ And I’M happy that YOU’RE back from New Mexico! Without sounding silly, Santa Fe really is such a romantic place. It seems like you enjoyed your time there thoroughly! ā¤

  3. I love my nude pumps and wear them ALL THE TIME. Isn’t it amazing how they literally go with everything?

    Enter to win a House of Harlow cocktail ring! (Retail value: $50)

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  5. Thanks Penny you’re so sweet! And I love the nudie shoes!! I would die to get my hands on that nude dress from SATC too! We can dream, I guess….

  6. i love them! i was just thinkin of how much i need to invest in a pair of nude heels! and at $8!!!! wowwwwww!

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