Six Items or Less

I read an interesting story on The New York Times website the other day: “Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy“.

The article highlights Six Items or Less, a recent challenge of frugality. Its website does not state the philosophy behind this experiment, but to me it’s a jab at consumerism. I call it apparel dieting: Putting to use what you’ve got and making the most of what you have. An apparel detox, if you will. To me the challenge attempts to curb the desire to purchase, and ultimately expunge materialism. It’s a tall order, but one I can absolutely appreciate.

There’s still room to be fashionable, too. The challenge allows for unlimited accessories, underwear, workout wear, shoes, and heavy coats. Below are pieces of my own I would choose as my six items.

What would you select from your closet?

5 responses to “Six Items or Less

  1. I’m always going on about this myself – as much as I love fashion and new things, I can stand unbridled consumerism. I firmly believe it’s better to buy hardly anything at all, and therefore when you do buy something, you can afford for it to be of exceptional quality and something you will love forever.

    Love your maxi dress by the way!

    Miss B xx

  2. I circulate the same handful of black staple pieces through out fall, but in summer everyday I must wear a new dress!

  3. Love this idea! I read an article the other day where a couple gave away almost all of their unnecessary possessions, quit wasting money – and in the mean time got rid of $30,000 worth of debt! I’m glad the recession is putting people in this frame of mind.. I’d like to try this out. Oh, and I LOVE THAT PINK TOP! It’s so you.

  4. what a challenge! i pretty much have to do this for work clothes right now, because I dont own a lot of ‘formal’ black clothes!

    xx raez

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