Come Fall, Kmart’s Playing the Fashion Game

Five years ago, when retail stores with clothing at similar price points began turning around (Target, Wal-Mart), Kmart remained in the fashion stone age.

Now they’re following up with modern improvements and the magic touch of designer to their apparel lines.

Kmart’s fall fashion lookbook was all over the fashion reports today. Their new design team consists of former Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent staffers, among others, and it’s apparent. Their new pieces are heavily influenced by fall’s key trends, military wear being the prominent. Skinny cargo pants, a faux leather bomber ($40), and a lovely military coat will surely help to place Kmart back on the fashion map.

But is Kmart too late? Are former fashionable customers long gone, or is  it Kmart’s mission to influence long-time Kmart devotees?

The pricing will be reasonable, and that’s something to be excited about. Their women’s fall clothing line will hit stores September 1.

My favorite, the Floral Sequin Tank (

I’ve always had a thing for military-style jackets. Cropped Peplum Military Coat (

Collage at top, from top to bottom: the Skinny Cargo Pant; Faux Fur Vest (; shirt with detachable “bling” necklace, Vera Wang-style (


3 responses to “Come Fall, Kmart’s Playing the Fashion Game

  1. wow kmart’s really changed!!!

  2. DIG those skinny cargo pants.

  3. I like the military coat. Yet another US retailer that taunts me *sighs*.

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