Free of Charge, a Good Book

I’m in inspiration mode now, and one of my favorite things to do is browse the new hardcover books at the local bookstore. In my search for great reads, I jot down my finds. As soon as possible, I add the titles to my library holds queue and eagerly await each book’s arrival.

I look to the public library to meet my literary needs and inspirational whims. It works out quite well, borrowing; I don’t have the space or the budget to purchase new books. Plus, there’s just something about giving the library my business. There’s a sense of resourcefulness that comes with checking out books from the library.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can access and update your library account here.

Currently at home (excluding In Vogue): The Jane Austen Book Club (Karen Joy Fowler); French Women Don’t Sleep Alone (Jamie Cat Callan); The Kind Diet (Alicia Silverstone).


5 responses to “Free of Charge, a Good Book

  1. You have inspired me to give the Library another go… If anything, for Olivia because I remember the thrill of being allowed to choose a handful of books on each visit to the library as a child. I loved it so much.

  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! very nice 🙂

  3. The library is one of my FAVORITE places to go. Luckily there’s one within walking distance of my apartment and I’ll sometimes roam around for hours and leave with whatever the maximum # of books is. But I also love owning books… I like to think that one day I’ll have my own library.

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