Share… and You Shall Receive

After recalling a mediocre experience at a restaurant recently, I was contacted by the owner. He extended an invitation for me and a guest to return, on the house.

Since I can’t turn down a comped meal, this morning I brought my husband along to brunch. I met briefly with the owner, and after placing an order we immediately received the VIP treatment. Once seated, we were served a complimentary blueberry and strawberry muffin. Each meal was served with fantastic presentation, and each was thoroughly enjoyed. The owner even suggested that we drop by for dessert on our way out.

Each and every customer is important to a business. I’m not recommending that my readers write owners of restaurants, documenting all past poor dining experiences in hopes of free food. But if you have suggestions or a complaint, let a business know; you may be surprised at how valuable your information is.

Have you ever received a meal, free of charge, after a poor experience?


5 responses to “Share… and You Shall Receive

  1. that’s so cool! how’d they find out?

  2. Erin! Great to see you back to blogging as usual. That strawberry muffin looks awfully familiar! LB?

  3. About 4 years ago, my then-bf and I went to CPK in Westwood for Valentines Day (we were just undergrads back then)…and then they served us in plastic cups and paper plates. The person who took down our names didn’t give us a disclaimer of what was going on when we came in, so I was ticked. We were informed by a waitress that their water wasn’t working that day and hence the plastic utensils. It would’ve been nice to know before we sat down, I thought.

    I wrote to the corporate about what happened and they sent us a gift certificate for the next meal. I too am a sucker for comped meals.

    Glad they took the feedback well and that you had a great experience! 🙂

  4. Nope, but I will take your advice 🙂

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