Grocery Store-Bought Wine

My recent trip to the culinary mecca of San Francisco left me feeling inspired. Since my return, and with surprising success, I’ve been whipping up everything from blueberry crepes with vanilla ricotta filling to lime marinated grilled chicken. In our search for the perfect accompaniment to these homemade meals, most of which have been accomplished on a budget, my husband and I have been ferociously sampling affordable wines.

It seems that with each passing bottle, the taste gets better, and the pleasure greater. For somebody who once did not understand wine, this is an interesting development.

I am officially on the quest for the best store-bought, budget wine. The chardonnay pictured below was purchased at Ralphs on Manager’s Special for $5.49, and it was delicious. And what better pairing than a multigrain baguette, also scooped up on Manager’s Special for $0.69. (Hint: always mosey to the back of the store for the best bakery deals.)

What’s your favorite budget wine?

3 responses to “Grocery Store-Bought Wine

  1. Breanne Hunter

    Hey Erin, Bre here. I also like Aldi wine, although I have no sophisticated palate for wine so I guess I just like it cause it’s cheap! Larrison and I get most of our staples at Aldi- refried beans, tortillas, canned tomatoes, ect. and it’s incredibly cheap- much cheaper than Fareway, even. Hy-Vee is so overpriced we try not to get anything there anymore, let alone the organic foods co-op here, which is of course the most expensive you can get.

  2. I’m a new wine-drinker, too.. and I’ve found that Fresh ‘n Easy has a wiiiide variety, and they’re super cheap. I forget the name/brand but I had a good white wine from there for $3.99! It’s definitely worth checking out 🙂

  3. Hi Erin!
    Enjoyed this post and photo’s. I wonder if they carry this brand around here. I’ll have to check it out. I do like the Reisling they carry at Aldi. It comes from Germany, is in blue bottle and around $5.00 also!

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