A Return… to My Frugal Ways

It’s been a long hiatus… a bit too long.

But I’m back and reenergized, ready to hit the penny. blog with some fresh new posts from ideas I’ve gathered the past couple of weeks.

And yes, the wedding and honeymoon were wonderful! It’s always tough coming back from a vacation, but I’ve jumped the hurdles. And before I get back to normal business, I thought it’d be fun to document a few of my favorite looks, along with prices, from our budget excursion to San Francisco. And be on the lookout… you may even see a piece or two that have been featured in previous entries.

And my favorite part of dressing after the wedding was using my wedding accessories; almost daily I wore my faux-pearl bridal bracelet, and when appropriate I sported my faux-pearl clutch, both eBay finds.

So thanks for sticking around. I am thrilled to be back in business!

6/27/10, Wyoming: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress, similar style as featured in “Jean Paul Gaultier for Target – patience is golden“; $8, secondhand.

6/29/10, Salt Lake City: Xhilaration dress, Target; $6.24, post-season clearance.

6/30/10, South Lake Tahoe: Express top and American Eagle cut-offs, as featured in “Give New Life to Old Jeans“; $10 (purchased in 2004), and $10 secondhand, respectively.

7/1/10, Napa: Banana Republic wrap dress and faux pearl clutch; $30.97 (purchased in 2008) & $16, secondhand, respectively.

9 responses to “A Return… to My Frugal Ways

  1. I’m a bit late but I just wanted to send out congratulations to you and your lucky husband 🙂 I hope the big day was all that you wanted.

  2. OMG!! I love that yellow dress! I probably looked at it a million times and never bought it and now I regret it!
    so cute!

  3. I wish we had Targets in Canada. I love that JPG dress and I’ve been itching for a halter too…

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!! Congrats!!

  5. So glad you’re back! Congratulations on the wedding. 🙂

  6. YESSS!! I’m so glad you’re back. Seriously haha. Love all of these photos & I’ve been stalking your facebook like crazy waiting for your wedding pictures! The pic of you by the lake is incredible. P.s., since reading Penny I’ve made a pair of my own cut-offs and I’m planning on doing the wall collage once I’m moved into my new apartment! This is the longest comment ever, welcome back 🙂

    • Sasha, that’s awesome! I hope the cut-offs work well for you – I wear mine often (probably too often). And congrats on the new apartment! It will be fun once you get to decorating it. 🙂

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