Larchmont Wine & Cheese: Never Underestimate the Joy of Your Own Kitchen

As this gorgeous Saturday comes to a close, I am reminded of what a nice morning and afternoon I had. To me, the perfect Saturday entails some good food and definitely some fabulous weather.

My fiancé and I set out for Larchmont Village, an area I’ve raved about previously on penny. It’s near our apartment, and is by far my favorite area in Los Angeles. For the price of two Starbucks beverages ($6), we made the mandatory shop rounds and soaked up the sun. And, I excitedly discovered a great stationery store, Landis Gifts and Stationery. Though I will have to stick to the “thank you” cards I find in the $1 bins at Michaels, I will forever desire pretty printed envelopes and bright, shiny pens.

We picked up lunch for under $10 at Larchmont Wine & Cheese. Due to the normal packed Saturday outdoor seating, we happily brought lunch to our apartment. I swept aside the sheer curtains, opened the windows, and set up shop. It was a delicious lunch at home – well worth a little splurge. Never underestimate the joy of eating in your own kitchen, especially on a beautiful afternoon.

The delicious (and popular) Larchmont Wine & Cheese.

Though tempted to purchase the latest copy of InStyle magazine at the newsstand, I refrained when I realized I have nine magazine subscriptions (all of which have gone unread so far this month).

Gorgeous contrast, as seen from Larchmont Blvd.

An inviting kitchen.

The #2: Black forest ham, mozzarella cheese (swapped instead of Swiss), mixed greens, black olive tapenade, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Absolute heaven for $4.25.

Girl devours sandwich.

6 responses to “Larchmont Wine & Cheese: Never Underestimate the Joy of Your Own Kitchen

  1. looks like a perfectly lovely day! love the photo of the old building and tree 🙂


  2. Great post, the food looks so good. Such beautiful lavender tree.

  3. Love that place! I prefer Melrose though 🙂

  4. Sounds like a lovely outting and what a great value! Enjoyed the photo’s, as always!

  5. Looks so good! I’ll have to try that place out next time I go to L.A.

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