Jean Paul Gaultier for Target – patience is golden

I wasn’t mad about Jean Paul Gaultier’s line for Target when the lookbook was released online. When the line arrived in stores, I had to peruse the pieces in person. I officially concluded then that the collection wasn’t for me (though the trench coat was great).

However, I was intrigued by a quite shapely JPG dress on the 75% off rack last weekend. Of course, items on clearance racks are always more appealing than when seen full-price. One of the remaining two dresses was miraculously in my size, so I trotted off to the fitting room with an armful of similarly discounted, non-designer-for-Target, merchandise. Once on, I loved the daisy-print dress even more.

Suffice to say, I am delighted by my Jean Paul Gaultier for Target $14.99 purchase. The flirty full skirt makes dancing and twirling seemingly appropriate, and thanks to the streamlined bodice I can model my shoulders and back without exposing too much skin. It’s an easygoing number that was simply too pretty (and too cheap) to pass up. Worn under a belted jacket, it could be even more exquisite. In my suitcase I will gently pack away my find should any honeymoon-related activity, if deemed suitable, shall arise.

6 responses to “Jean Paul Gaultier for Target – patience is golden

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  2. I read about this but this is the first time I’m seeing a piece of JPG for Target 🙂

    I love the mood of these pics, gorgeous styling too. Much admiration from India 🙂

  3. wow i didnt even know JPG had a line for target! gotta look into it! thanks for sharing

  4. Well it fits beautifully, and also looks like it’s fun to twirl in! My sale rack rule (especially when it’s designer and used to be super expensive) is would I like it if it wasn’t any brand at all? Usually keep me from making a few mistakes 🙂

  5. LOVE THIS! It fits you perfectly. The twirling photos are so cute, it reminds me of a little girl. So glad you picked this up – you look amazing! If I remember correctly, this dress was originally in the $60 price range?? Great find!

    • Thank you, Sasha! Yes, original price was $59.99… I would never have spent that, of course. A couple of Liberty of London dresses were 75% off, but they much better fit your style than mine (how could I forget your pretty dress from your Coachella photos?).

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