Stepping out for a cool $19.99 – Exhilaration Tacey Ruffle Platform Sandals

I do not condone buying cheap shoes (though, designer shoes at a bargain price are a different story). Usually any shoe that is sold at Payless, retails for under $30, or consists of man made materials is out of the question. However, while browsing the always-inviting aisles of Target last week I stumbled upon a festive pair of platform sandals that I just had to try on. I can’t say if it was the bow detail, the comfort, the overall aesthetic of the sandal, or all of the above, but it was love at first step. I bought them immediately.

This morning I took them for a walk, perhaps even a trot… and definitely for a few twirls. New shoes are fun. They’re even more fun when they’re affordable.

6 responses to “Stepping out for a cool $19.99 – Exhilaration Tacey Ruffle Platform Sandals

  1. Yay! I just got an incredible pair of wedges from Target – a yummy brown color, strappy, with little rosettes on the straps. $20, and I convinced 2 friends to get the same pair. So comfortable, I wore them walking to/from the train to work one day this week! And I look about 6′ in them. Love.

  2. Wow, I can’t believe those are only $19.99! I’m going to have to check my Target out immediately, I’m loving them!

  3. oh, i know the feeling… love at first step!

  4. So glad I stopped by and found your blog! Yay! Another redhead, just like me! (And one with a nose for a bargain – LOVE!)

    Come check it my blog if you have a chance…:-)

  5. Those heels are great! I have to admit I do LOVE target shoes. I picked up a strappy gladiator pair before summer started- they match everything! Love your blog!

  6. so cute!
    you have a great blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing, love it


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