Layer What You’ve Got

A stylish girl on a not-so-stylish budget does not have the luxury of frequent jewelry splurges. Lo and behold, however, two fabulous options:

When buying jewelry, buy statement pieces and layered necklaces that pack a punch when worn solo.


Mix things up, quite literally. Layer the necklaces that you already have. C’mon, pile them on! Depending on your jewelry collection, the combinations may be endless. There are no rules. Don’t be afraid; mix and match to your heart’s content.

(Ensemble 1-Necklaces: Misc. pearls, $0.99, American Eagle Outfitters crystals w/ tie, clearance $6; Blouse: American Eagle Outfitters. Ensemble 2-Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters layered pearls, clearance $9; Dress: Walter, TJMaxx clearance $10. Ensemble 3-Necklaces: Misc. pearls, American Eagle Outfitters triple strand pearls, clearance $3, purple balls, eBay $3; Dress: Banana Republic, secondhand $8. Ensemble 4-Necklaces: American Eagle Outfitters gold and pink multi-strand, clearance $6, crystal stone, Dillard’s sale $9; Blouse: American Eagle Outfitters.)


2 responses to “Layer What You’ve Got

  1. FIRST OFF – these pictures are beautiful. Your freckles and your gorgeous hair are to die for. But I love all of these looks. I’m not much of a jewelry connoisseur, but when I do – I LOVE to layer a bunch of necklaces. Especially really long ones. Great post!

  2. OH that is cute! Your hair is to-die-for.

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