India Dreaming: Inside Anthropologie’s May catalog

The front cover features a wise and well-traveled woman, confidently surveying her surroundings. She wears with ease, notably, an airy blouse, and she peers out ever so slightly from under her stylish straw hat. Welcome to Anthropologie’s May catalog.

The first page reads eloquently of India: “A horizon of sand and clay; petaled steps, spiced air; the hum of a thousand ages.” In the subsequent pages I see bustling city streets, murky yet inviting gray-spiked lakes, warm Indian rays aplenty, and architecture so astounding that it seems to have been plucked from a fairytale.

Since documenting Anthropologie’s affordable and unique monogrammed mugs, I have room to dream about some less attainable pieces, for me. And with shots from all over the world, these little booklets supply fodder for my daydreams. Not only has my wish list for dresses and blouses grown, but my list of places to see and visit has ballooned.

It’s all in the details, and these are some of my favorite looks from the catalog. Clockwise from top left: Stripes & Light Tee, $78; Filtered Rays Blouse, $108; Tranquil Paradise Hammock, $98; Speckled Ink Dress, $158.

Isn’t it marvelous? My favorite piece and photo of the catalog. Submerged Watercolor Maillot, $298.

One response to “India Dreaming: Inside Anthropologie’s May catalog

  1. i love the filtered rays blouse!!

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