At $6, Anthropologie’s Affordable Treasure: Monogrammed Mug


This morning I was on the hunt for a small token of gratitude for a close friend. Her favorite store is Anthropologie, a store full of unique little treasures with a worldly influence. Any girl is sure to find several items at Anthropologie with which to fall in love, despite the steep price tags.

After browsing the jewelry and sale items, I happened upon some fabulous mugs in the kitchen area. I gently lifted one, and, after falling in love with its classic touch and monogram guaranteed to make any girl feel special, I was delighted by its $6 price sticker. The mug is great for coffee or a spot of tea, for decoration or for function. It’s a perfect gift option, whether given as a simple thank you, bridesmaid gift, or a birthday present complete with a favorite candy or lip balm tucked inside. With the supplied gift box and pretty wrapping, enchanting retailer Anthropologie has gotten it absolutely right.

4 responses to “At $6, Anthropologie’s Affordable Treasure: Monogrammed Mug

  1. I love these. Have you seen their other set of monogrammed mugs that are also $6? Totally need to get one.

    • I really think they’re a fabulous find – and that price! May as well get two! And yes, I saw the other mugs… love both styles. πŸ™‚

  2. I have been eyeing these off on the website for a while now. They are so adorable, and perfect for personalised gifts!

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