Delicate Petals by Victoria’s Secret

In true spring spirit I have been spritzing one of my new favorite fragrances daily: Delicate Petals by Victoria’s Secret.

I am very selective when it comes to fragrance. Any scent I wear must smell sweet, fresh, and evoke thoughts and feelings of spring and all that comes with this glorious month. This eue de toilette spray marks my departure from the entirely sweet, and sees my arrival to a more grown-up floral preference. Fresh out of the shower I spray Delicate Petals generously after applying lotion, and spritz lightly before bed.

I believe this fragrance is no longer located in Victoria’s Secret stores; how sad, as I should have stocked up. But if you’re looking for affordable fragrances, scoop up seven bottles when Victoria’s Secret runs their next 7/$35 special.

One response to “Delicate Petals by Victoria’s Secret

  1. I hate most fragrances/perfumes but I love this one too. It is available online 5/$30. I think people underrate VS perfumes and lotions. Great blog. Makes me wish I was back in California.

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