Affordable – Yet Yummy – Sushi at California Market

(Two California rolls for $1.49, one shrimp tempura roll for $2.99.)

penny. LA isn’t just about affordable fashion, but about living affordably.

My fiancé, after a long time trying, finally turned me onto sushi, albeit a bit tame. Fortunately, we live near a Korean supermarket, a store we frequent for affordable produce and, now, fresh and delicious sushi rolls.

My new favorite meal is an eight-piece California roll for $1.49. All I need to make each bite delectable is a dollop of spicy mayo (mayonnaise mixed with sriracha hot chili sauce), and a little dip in soy sauce.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, California Market on 4317 Beverly Blvd. should be your go-to for affordable and quick sushi. The ingredients are always fresh, the preparers are always friendly, and the service is quick. This place is bustling around lunch time – now I know why.


4 responses to “Affordable – Yet Yummy – Sushi at California Market

  1. Yum! My boyfriend just got me into sushi as well, but now I am OBSESSED! However, none of it is as cheap as yours, So jealous. The best I can get in my small town is a deal on Tuesday where all 8-piece rolls are $4.99.

    • Yes, obsessed is a good word! It can get pricey, that’s for sure… small towns are tough. Believe me, I’m from Iowa. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. wow jealous you guys can get such yumy sushi so cheap!

  3. Looks delish!

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