Urban Outfitters $5 (and under) Sale

Typically I’m not an Urban Outfitters devotee. Their catalogs make for fantastic inspiration, and they have some awesome pieces, but I usually don’t shell out full price for anything in their stores.

However, when their sales roll around, I’m giddy as if I’m in a cupcake shop. Urban Outfitters’ $5 sale, online only, is going on now. Below are some of my absolute favorite offerings, all with a vintage touch.

Clockwise from top left: Umbrella Jewelry Stand in Wine, $4.99 from $10; Graffiti Rose Plate in Light Grey, $4.99 from $8; Spinning Owl Jewelry Stand in White, $4.99 from $28; Rose Curtain Tie Back in Jade, $4.99 from $14.

Clockwise from top left: Kimchi Blue Pointelle Henley Camisole in Ivory, $4.99 from $16; Lace and Rhinestone Headwrap in Blush, $4.99 from $24; Organic Flower Bangle in White, $4.99 from $18; Cascading Rhinestone Drop in Brass, $4.99 from $24.

5 responses to “Urban Outfitters $5 (and under) Sale

  1. I LOVE Urban Outfitters and they do have such great sales. I’m obsessing over the earrings you posted! So cute!

  2. love all these florals 😀
    great blog too!
    loving your posts
    stop by some time xx

  3. LOVE UO! Like you, I never buy things full-price! But they have KILLER sales! I got the $5 sale e-mail in my inbox this morning and was super excited 🙂

    • Yes!!! I hope you’re indulging in a couple of things. I would definitely indulge more if I didn’t have to pay for shipping… I know it’s free for purchases over $150, but I don’t think I’d spend anywhere near $150.

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