Simply Vera Blouse: Very Simply $4

I do not frequent Kohl’s. However, on the occasions that I have, I have scooped up some super deals, notably: a Simply Vera black evening purse with gold chain for around $6, and a Daisy Fuentes cocktail ring for $6. Yes, I really do remember the prices.

Recently I was killing time, roaming Kohl’s. I skimmed the clearance racks and saw a few Simply Vera tops, a few Lauren Conrad pieces… nothing good. Then I ran across this incredibly affordable and versatile Simply Vera blouse. At 90% off it was an irresistible $4.

My favorite way to wear it is with one shoulder exposed, creating a slightly disheveled look. A waist belt may even be in order one of these days…

One response to “Simply Vera Blouse: Very Simply $4

  1. I love that shirt, it looks great. I agree with you, Kohl’s is not one of my favorites, but I’ve found a few cute things in there. I’ve actually liked a few of the shirts from Lauren Conrad!

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