A Basic Top Turned Un-Basic with a Sparkling Brooch

While watching Iron Chef America a couple of nights ago, I found myself fixated on one of the judges’ accessories. Victoria Riccardi, a culinary author, was wearing an everyday boatneck blouse. But pinned to it was a fantastically sparkly brooch. I typically think a brooch to be something I would find only in my grandmother’s jewelry box. But since my newfound inspiration, my thoughts towards this so-called “old fashioned accessory” have changed.

The high-low aspect of this look, to me, is amazing. I love the extremity of the combination of an often formal piece of jewelry paired with an otherwise basic cotton or silk-blend top. I ordered a brooch the other day and can’t wait for it to arrive; I will pair it with each of my newly acquired J. Crew v-neck cotton tees.

One response to “A Basic Top Turned Un-Basic with a Sparkling Brooch

  1. I have many pins and brooches from my Mother, Grandmother and Aunt and just love wearing them. A couple things I do is to pin one on the collar of a turtlneck and the cuff or lapel of my jacket. Enjoy your new brooch. You’ll have to post a picture when you get it!

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