Crayola-Colored Hancock Park, LA

One of my favorite no-cost activities on a warm and sunny afternoon is to wander the sidewalks of Hancock Park. This is a fashion blog, but what is fashion without inspiration?

The houses of this sleepy Los Angeles neighborhood on the east side of Beverly Hills boast celebrity residents, immaculate landscaping, and spots of brilliant color. Tree swings, luscious green grass, and gorgeous flowers grace the front yards.

In Hancock Park you either see a splash of color in the form of a flower or front door, or you see a grand showing of it, as with an orange or yellow house. To me it’s like a box of crayons and their colors were spilled over this neighborhood for all to enjoy.

Crayola crayon color: Mango Tango

Crayola crayon color: Green Blue

Crayola crayon color: Yellow

Crayola crayon color: Scarlet

Crayola crayon color: Blizzard Blue

Crayola crayon color: Granny Smith Apple

3 responses to “Crayola-Colored Hancock Park, LA

  1. I love the orange house! It’s probably my favorite in all of LA. A friend and I were driving through HP the other day and I was telling her how it’d be my dream place to live in LA! Love it ❤

  2. Mango Tango and Yellow House are my favorites!

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