Lovely Floral Vase

If you have yet to discover that thrift stores are a treasure trove of countless finds, make plans to visit a shop pronto. A couple of weeks ago I posted about a relish tray-turned-jewelry holder that I found for $3 at a thrift store in Iowa. I relived my thrill today when I visited an LA thrift store and scooped up a sea green vase/holder for the price of a cheeseburger at In-N-Out. It will serve as an awesome penholder on my office desk.

It wasn’t the first item that caught my eye on my shopping trip, however; I saw a golden-colored butter tray with a similar floral design as the vase. I set it down and turned a corner. I reappeared a minute later only to find somebody else examining my treasure. He eventually walked off to the register with his find. Though I don’t think I would have used it as a butter tray, it would have made an excellent ring dish.

3 responses to “Lovely Floral Vase

  1. i love this thing!

  2. Great job of the vase. I love the color!

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