A Cake Love Affair

A slice of moist, creamy, and soft goodness warms my heart. Cake under a sea of buttercream frosting is a dream to me, and it’s even more of a dream when it’s affordable (price below). And nothing compares to the sight of a delicious tall, ivory wedding cake.

My love affair with cake traces back to early childhood. Birthday parties and church gatherings sufficed until I was old enough to buy my own cake, whether at the grocery store or bakery. As I grew older, the inevitable happened: I grew calorie-conscious. As a result the workplace, with all the birthdays, holidays and quarter-end accomplishments, has presented the perfect grounds for the occasional sweet celebration.

Pavilions, a division of Safeway, often serves up $0.99 cake slices such as this one.

One slice lasts me two glorious nights.

“Seven-Tire Classic Cake – Fine garlands and latticework are piped onto the fondant in royal icing, as are delicate roses and bunches of grapes.” –Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes

2 responses to “A Cake Love Affair

  1. THOSE LIPS!!!! 🙂 Fabulous!!

    • Thanks. 🙂 It’s a tough color to wear, but it’s fun to put on once in a great while. I saw the color on models in J. Crew’s bridal designs so I e-mailed J. Crew to see what shade it was; it was Poppy by Prestige.

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