Shhh, it’s a Secret: eBay for Fashion Magazine Subscriptions

I’ll let you in on a little, well-kept secret.

For years eBay has been my go-to for fashion magazines. Subscriptions are available for just a fraction of the newsstand price, and at an even lower rate than through online magazine outlets.

Within the past couple of years eBay has restricted the selling of traditional magazine subscriptions, so you must search wisely. On eBay search words like gift, certificate, and voucher in addition to magazine. Two months ago I purchased a 1-year subscription to Allure for $4.00 because a gal was trying to unload a voucher she received as a freebie from a cosmetics purchase.

Current eBay finds include: (all US, and 1-year in length unless otherwise noted) Elle for $3.30, Elle Décor for $6.00, a 3-year subscription to Harper’s Bazaar for $10.99, and 4 years of Marie Claire for $10.97. Purchase now, as availability and inventory changes.

You can find links on my Twitter page. Have fun shopping!

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