Sweet Clementine

For me most “money well spent” moments occur at new places, which present new experiences, ambiences, and food. Lighter fare at a new establishment maximizes your ability to try a new restaurant or cafe while remaining in the realm of affordable dining. Try a new bakery or café; chances are, you can get a pastry and drink for around $5.

That said, my fiancé and I made our way to LA’s Westwood neighborhood to check out a bakery aptly named Clementine. I was smitten with the fresh and hot buttermilk biscuits. I sipped my iced coffee and soaked up the warm morning sun.

(Iced coffee, $3)

(Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam, $3)

(Two biscuits with honey butter and jam, $4.95)

(Afternoon tea, a favorite pastime at Clementine)

2 responses to “Sweet Clementine

  1. Biscuits, my favorite! These look delicious. Great photo’s, you can just imagine how wonderful everything tastes. I’ll have to get there and sample for myself!

  2. Love it! Everything looks so yummy, and you can tell from the photos it was a perfect day! 🙂 I’ll have to check this place out!

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