Lovely (and affordable!) Retro Floral Blouse

I’m a big fan of fashion of the past. Skimpy tops in floral prints elicit images of the fancy-free girls of the 60s and 70s.

This blouse is available just in time for spring. With its romantic ruffles and elastic waist, it is a sweet reminder of decades past when spirits were perhaps more carefree.

Once in a while you can find treasure in chain stores, and to me this is one of those rare finds. For under $20 at American Eagle, it’s a great little piece. And you’re in luck, because it’s currently available in stores and online; in fact, I scooped one up a few weeks ago for $10.50 on clearance.

All of a sudden I want to get lost in a garden and all its pretty, floral glory. It’s no wonder…

One response to “Lovely (and affordable!) Retro Floral Blouse

  1. I think that top looks so much better on you! Love it!

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