Pearls, Pearls, and more Pearls

Talk about eye candy. Nothing gets my mouth watering more these days than a lovely strand of pearls. Or ten.

Pearls became an infatuation of mine some time during my wedding planning a few months ago. I wanted to incorporate some embellishment, or some element, into our wedding’s theme. I couldn’t think of anything classier or more classic than a pearl. Thus, my love of pearls began.

Some quick inspiration is below: Kate Moss, photographed by Craig McDean for Vogue Paris December 2005. Below that, pearls at Luella Spring/Summer 2009, courtesy of

To jury duty last week I sported a string of faux pearls I picked up at a Southwestern jewelry shop at home in Iowa off the $1 table. I looped it twice, and ta-da. During lunch downtown, I couldn’t help but notice from behind my sunglasses everybody glancing at my pearls. It’s not something we see too often, a string of pearls, now is it?

Pearls aren’t your mother’s conservative jewelry anymore. Wear a single strand for a touch of class, or layer for a look that’s on the verge of edgy.

(From left: Cascading Pearl Strands, $8.80; Faux Pearl Bib Necklace, $9.80; Epic Refinery Necklace, $5.80; Fantasy Pearls with Floral Clusters, $8.80; all Forever 21.)

So dig up your favorite pearl necklace, whether it’s costume or the real deal, and have some fun. I have left my readers with some of Forever 21’s best faux offerings, as well as a photo of my dear friend Laura wearing a pearl chain necklace that I scooped up at American Eagle for $8. Get to shopping!

One response to “Pearls, Pearls, and more Pearls

  1. Kate Moss, Pearls. Dreamy! 🙂

    Great blog!


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