Love the Look: Crewneck Sweatshirt

I must spill about my newfound adoration of oversized sweatshirts.

My intrigue with proportions began after seeing a photo of Lauren Conrad working out, wearing a crewneck sweatshirt and cropped spandex leggings. I thought, how chic.

I’m not a sloppy dresser, nor do I own baggy clothing. Well, save for one item – a crewneck sweatshirt.

What’s that, sweatshirt and fashionable in the same sentence? Sure. Combined with some serious skinny jeans and high heels, you have quite an impeccable, if not unexpected, clothing combination.

The key is proportions. I love that oh-so-good feeling of accentuating one part of the body, but leaving another to mystery. If you have a larger top, let your pants hug, even kiss, your legs. And accentuate further with some great peep toe heels. Also, I’d stick to basic colors like blue and gray. To me, gray would be the ultimate color. My, I’m in fashion heaven just thinking about it!

Add a draping of jewelry, flashy if you want some color, and you’ve got it.

Below you’ll see me in one of my old Champion sweatshirts. Basic, yes, but comfy, definitely.

What’s even more fantastic is that you can buy a sweatshirt for the cost of a meal out. Hanes and Fruit of the Loom, for example, offer sweatshirts that are perfect for achieving this look.

Below (from left to right): Hanes sweatshirt, $6,; Hanes fleece sweatshirt,; Jerzees sweatshirt, $17,; Sweatshirt, $25,

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